A beer lesson in a can.

NCT Brewery is the hub for craft beer education in Niagara and we are always looking for inventive ways to share our beer geek knowledge, which is how our “Beer 101: lesson in a can” series came to be.

Each and every Beer 101 style was carefully curated and earned its place on tap and in can. In addition to crafting these brews, we also strive to educate fellow beer fans, so we have included the history, bitterness, colour, alcohol, ingredients, aroma, flavour, mouthfeel, and the typical food pairings for each particular type of beer, right on the can!

Here is a bit of history behind the Beer 101 portfolio:

  • The classic Pale Ale and Lager were the first two beers produced at NCT Brewery under the First Draft These mid-Atlantic brews showcase European and North American ingredients and brewing techniques and have become staples as Pale Ale 101 and Lager 101.
  • Our famous Butler’s Bitter is also available as Bitter 101, the drink that fuelled the British armies in 1812. This classic NC brew has a rich history and its place in the Beer 101 lineup was cemented early on!
  • Pilsner 101, one of our fan favourites and the base for the Brewmaster’s Cherry Pilsner, and was awarded its own place in the Beer 101 range as it gained popularity as a refreshing and crisp go-to brew.
  • Stout 101, IPA 101, Wheat 101 and Strong Ale 101 were our early Brewmaster seasonal beers. NCT Brewery fans will recognize the name “Rudolph’s Red Nose Ale”, a Christmastime specialty brew that Brewmaster Jon Downing has created a unique version of every year since 1986! Strong Ale 101 was originally a version of RRNA that became instantly popular and was kept on for the Beer 101 lineup.
  • Last but not least, Porter 101, Vienna 101 and Saison 101 were added in by popular demand after receiving rave reviews, to round out the Beer 101 portfolio.

Beer 101: Lesson in a Can encompasses a diverse range of flavours, styles and ingredients to offer a unique series of classic brews. Created onsite by our future Brewmasters, with the wisdom and expertise from our Brewmaster team, there is truly a brew for everyone!